Traumatic Injuries

What Is A Traumatic Injury?

Pulp or tooth damage is sometimes caused by a blow to the mouth during an accident or a sports-related injury. This can include chipped or fractured teeth, teeth that are knocked-out, dislodged teeth, root fractures, and others. Endodontists have specialized training in treating these and other traumatic injuries. For example, a blow to a child's permanent tooth that is not fully developed can cause the root to stop growing. A procedure called apexification stimulates bone to be deposited at the end of the root which makes it possible to then save the tooth through a root canal procedure. 

If a tooth gets knocked out, handle it very carefully, avoid touching the root surface of the tooth, and call an endodontist or your general dentists immediately. The endodontist may be able to place the tooth back in its socket and secure it using an orthodontic splint to hold it in place while it heals. 

Injuries where the pulp is damaged or exposed often require root canal treatment. The type and success of treatment selected depends on the type and extend of damage to the tooth, as well as the length of time since the damage occured. Generally, the sooner that treatment takes place after an injury, the higher the likelihood of success. Your endodontist will discuss and help you decide what type of treatment will be most appropriate for your situation.