Endodontic Surgery

When Is Endodontic Surgery Necessary?

If traditional root canal therapy does not treat the problem or is unable to be performed, then a procedure called an apicoectomy may be recommended. "Apical" means the end of the tooth's root, and "ectomy" means removal of. An apicoectomy is a procedure in which the endodontist surgically removes the end of the root. On rare occasion, the entire root has to be removed due to root fractures. This is called a root amputation. The tooth is filled using a special retrograde filling material. A bone graft is typically placed to help facilitate the growth of bone around the surgery site, and sutures are placed to help the gums heal. This type of treatment, performed by our highly skilled and trained endodontists, have rates of success above 90%. Your endodontist will work with you and help you decide which treatment will give you the best possible outcome for your situation.